The Shop..

parts, swag and other shit..

i'll post shit for sale over here, if you want stuff sold drop me line!

prices in Euro's (€) without shipping, my items are shipped from holland.


free stickers!

get your free stickers..

stick 'em on your bike, toolbox, car, drillpress, lathe or girl for instant coolness!
all i ask is to send me a picture of where you'd stick it!

to get these sweet sticky gems:
Europe: send an E-mail with your name and address to:

for US: Paypal $1,50 to:

new batch of better quality, and as an extra: wide Toxic Garage stickers are in also!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Did not found those stickers in my post-box.

  2. Do you allready have the NPC stickers?

  3. i sent the stickers along with the cd of "on any given sunday" you did not get them?

    and nope.. i have no NPC stickers..
    send them over dude!

    (or do i have to design them for you)